Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 4- Battle of the Bots!

We kicked off the day with finishing and presenting each of our SAM animation videos. They were all different, and all interesting in their own way! (To see ours, check the day 3 post; to see the others, check the other group members' blogs)

After the presentations, we began our newest project: creating battle bots! Everyone got a little carried away with this, but it was loads of fun. Here are some pictures of everyone's bots:

(Rachel and My Randomness Bot)_____________(Naveed and Andy's Bull Bot)

(Edward and Branndon's Spatula Bot)

The basic concept behind our design was to push the other bots backwards with the two wheels, using the rubber of the wheel to provide friction. The claw-like attachments on the back were initially designed to be attached to the front, but were too unstable to be effective. At one point, we considering attempting to design a mechanism that would allow the claws to actually grab the other bots, but the idea never went past the drawing board. Although the image given doesn't show it, the back of the bot is stabilized by two smaller wheels connected by a solid block of various attached pieces. Figuring out where to connect each section of the block in order to provide maximum stability took a significant amount of time. However, we still had some time leftover near the end, and took the opportunity to make our robot look absolutely awesome! We added four Lego people in chairs (a ninja, a stuntman, a wizard, and a guy wearing a top hat), two flags, and two steering wheels, to add to the overall affect (and potentially intimidate the other bots ^_~). We also attached weighted Lego blocks to the side and back of the bot, making the bot heavier and harder to push out of the battle ring.

In terms of controlling the robots, we were initially planning to use a combination of the mail feature and bluetooth signals, however, this didn't work out the way we'd hoped. I'm unsure about the specific details regarding the problem, but in the end we resorted to keeping the bots attached to our laptops and using key commands.

After each bot had been built, we battled it out in a little square marked by black tape on the floor. The rules were relatively simple: The first bot out of the ring loses, whether they accidentally ran out of the ring or the other bot pushed them out. After some intense battling, our bot took a proud second place! Videos of the first two battles are below (Sorry, I laugh a lot ^_^;;):

Battle 1:

Battle 2:

Overall, it was a fantastic Friday. ^_^

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