Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 15- Drip, drip, drop?

Continuation of the gardening bot (see Day 14)! My big task for today was to make/tweak a stopper for the hole in the bottom of the plastic bin. Yesterday, Naveed had suggested I put a suction cup on the bottom of the metal pipe, in order to vacuum seal out all the water.

This ended up being a brilliant suggestion, and the key to solving the leakage dilemma. However, there was one issue with the method. The hole that the suction cup covered acted as an air vent, and thus prevented the suction cup from creating a vacuum seal. With the metal pipe at an angle to the bin, and no vaccum seal to fill the space, water still continued to drip!

Thus, the next step was to create an all-new and improved stand for the servo controller and metal pipe, enabling it to rest at a 90-degree angle to the bin. With this in place, the suction cup acted as a "cap" rather than a "vaccum", and still prevented water from seeping out the hole.

I got so excited about the success of the mechanism that I took about a billion pictures, so I'll post them all here. XD (As you can see from the images, the bin is filled with about an inch of water, but none is dripping out the bottom.)

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