Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 1- Begin!

Today was the first day of the internship. When we first walked in, we were immediately shuffled to the back room to fill out a survey and begin our first project! I was excited to get right to work, but I'm sure another thought running through my mind was "Wait, who is everyone and what is going on here?" XD Nonetheless, a meeting later solved any anonymity and confusion.

So, let's summarize the first two projects! First, we were asked to design a robot that could move itself forward without using any wheels (as wheels, however, it seemed using them as claws/limbs was acceptable). This turned out pretty well for the first time using the software and products...I mean, nothing exploded! XD The race at the end didn't work out so well (none of the robots made it from the starting line to the finishing line) but today was all about experimenting!

The basic design of our robot was to create two mock-wheels by having two leg-like pieces move facing the same direction on opposite sides of a central rotator, like the blade of a fan. In addition, there were two front legs on a third motor that helped stabilize the robot. It sort of "hopped" and moved in a curve to the left, but was overall successful! Here is a picture and a video of the robot in action:

The second project, which will be continued tomorrow, is to create a robot (we can use wheels this time) that uses a light sensor to follow a curved line of black tape. However, we cannot use the "follow the line" feature (that would be too easy!). This is a work in progress, as there's been difficulties with determining the exact light levels of the black tape versus the white tile. Better luck tomorrow, I hope!

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